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Privacy agreement

Privacy agreement

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Personal information collection:

When you register for user registration, shopping online, participate in online commercial street activities or public BBS and other activities on the website, with your consent and confirmation, the website will require you to provide some personal information through registration forms, orders and other forms. The personal information includes: personal identification information, such as name, sex, age, date of birth, id number (or passport number), telephone number, correspondence address, address, E-mail address, etc.

This site collects such personally identifiable information mainly for the purpose of making it easier and more satisfying for registered members to use the website pages to receive the services of the website. At the same time, our goal is to provide all Internet users with a pleasant, useful and interesting shopping experience. And that personal information helps us do that.

In addition, according to the characteristics of the website, the website will collect non-personalized information through your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, the type of operating system, the domain name of the ISP that provides you access services, etc., so as to optimize the page displayed on your computer screen. By collecting the above information, we only carry out passenger flow statistics. This non-personally identifiable information can help the site identify the most popular areas and determine the effectiveness of our campaigns. In addition, we may also disclose this information to our advertisers so that they know the number of clicks on our ads.

Personal information security:

This website will carry on the strict management and the protection to the data which you provide, and will use the corresponding technology, prevents your personal data to lose, to be stolen to use or to be tampered with.

If necessary, this website will be processed by computer on behalf of professional technicians to meet the requirements of professional division of labor. If you do not object within the time specified in the notice, this website will be deemed as the default.

Use of personal information:

Help you to accept the general or specific services of this website and the requirements of the products of this website.

Provide you with information on specific services, products or promotional activities of the site or third parties (such as partners of the site) through various means, including but not limited to E-mail and SMS messages. If you do not wish to receive this type of information, you can choose to refuse to receive this type of information when the user registers.

Used for the statistics of the user data of this website (such as the number of users, composition, interest, performance, etc.), so as to provide better services and products for users.

Sharing and disclosure of personal information

In general, without your consent, any of your personal information will not be provided to any irrelevant third party. However, the website will provide your personal information to the relevant third parties without any responsibility in the following cases:

Some of the services on this website must be provided or jointly provided by a partner (such as an agency, a company providing relevant technical services, a transportation company, a mailing company, a company offering prizes, etc.). In order to provide you with such services, it is necessary for this website to share your personal information with this partner.

This website may be jointly promoted with a third party. All or part of the personal information collected in the promotion activities may be Shared with the third party. If you do not want your information to be Shared, you can refuse by not participating in the promotion.

The website has obtained conclusive evidence that your conduct violates the terms of service of the website or any rules regarding specific services or products, thereby constituting a material harm to the legitimate rights and interests of the website.

Adult privacy protection:

This website protects the confidentiality and security of minors' personal data. However, any person under the age of 16 who participates in shopping activities on this website shall obtain the prior consent of his/her guardian.

The guardian shall bear the primary responsibility for the privacy right of minors on this website.

Without the consent of the juvenile's guardian, the website will not use the juvenile's personal data and will not disclose or transmit personal data identifying the juvenile to any third party.

The website may collect the personal information of minors with the consent of their guardians, but the website will disclose such personal information to the guardians. The guardian reserves the right to refuse further communication between the website and the guardian.

The consent of the guardian shall be given orally, in writing or in other forms.

User rights:

You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

Make enquiries and requests for access at any time;

Requests for additions or corrections at any time;

Request deletion at any time;

The sole right to own and use your own password and other account information. Please be careful when you are online.


The website may make necessary use of your personal data without any liability if it meets any of the following conditions:

With your written consent.

In order to exempt you in the life, the body or the property aspect urgent danger.

In order to prevent significant harm to the rights and interests of others.

In order to promote the public interest, and harmless to your significant interests.

Any disclosure of personal information arising from the disclosure of your user password to others or the sharing of your registered account with others.

Any disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal information caused by a hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, temporary shutdown caused by government regulation or other force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network.

Any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal information by companies which do not own or control this website and persons whom we do not employ or manage.

Any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal data of other websites linked to this website.

The circumstances set forth in article 4 of this statement.